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Artigos-->An Announced and Academically Sanctioned New “Mein Kamp” -- 23/07/2015 - 05:06 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/Alcir JT. de Souza) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie Outros Textos
An Announced and Academically Sanctioned New “Mein Kamp”

I have read in the recent news that the monster anders breivik from his solitary jail cell will attend to a curse in Political Science from the Oslo University in order to prepare a statute for a new right wing radical political party, this on itself is a coward assault again from this excrement but this time in the parents, relatives, friends and all related to his previous 77 victims described and nominated bellow :

Oslo Bombing

Killed Wounded Economic damage

8 89 1 billion euro

Name Age Gender Cate-gory Notes

Anne Lise Holter 51 F B Senior consultant to Norway`s PM Jens Stoltenberg`s office.

Hanne Ekroll Løvlie 30 F B A senior government worker. She worked in the prime minister`s office.

Ida Marie Hill 34 F C Worked as an adviser to the ministry of justice. Worked for Amnesty International.

Jon Vegard Lervåg 32 M C A lawyer who worked in the justice department. Worked for Amnesty International.

Hanna Endresen 61 F D Receptionist in the security department of the Government Administration Services.

Tove Åshill Knutsen 56 F D Secretary with the electricians and information technology workers` union. No known political associa-tions.

Kjersti Sandberg 26 F D Worked on international issues in Justice Department.

Kai Hauge 32 M Owned a bar and restaurant in Oslo. No known political associations.

Utøya massacre

Killed Wounded Economic damage

69 62 ?

All members of the national AUF board and organization are considered Category B traitors. Leaders and deputy leaders of Norway`s 19 county boards are considered Category B traitors.

Name Age Gen-der Cate-gory Notes

Monica Elisa-beth Bøsei 45 F B She was the general manager for Utøya for 19 years.

Christopher Perreau 25 M B Board member of the national AUF board. Responsible for international issues and cooperation with sister or-ganizations in other countries. In sixth place at Trondheim Labour Party list for the municipal elections.

Tore Eikeland 21 M B Leader of Hordaland county AUF.

Havard Vede-rhus 21 M B Leader of Oslo county AUF.

Hanne Kristine Fridtun 19 F B Leader of Fjordane county AUF.

Anders Kristi-ansen 18 M B Leader of Troms county AUF. Leader of Bardstown AUF.

Tarald Kuven Mjelde 18 M B Deputy leader of Hordaland county AUF. Deputy leader of Bergen AUF.

Guro Vartdal Håvoll 18 F B Deputy leader of Møre og Romsdal county AUF. Board member of Ørsta AUF. In fourth place on the Ørsta Labor Party list for the municipal elections.

AUF members who are Muslims aren`t technically committing treason.

Name Age Gen-der Cate-gory Notes

Jamil Rafal Yasin 21 F B Deputy leader of Egersund AUF. A Muslim with an Iraqi background.

Ismail Haji Ah-med 19 M C A Muslim with a Somalian background.

Karar Mustafa Qasim 19 M C A Muslim with an Iraqi background.

Bano Abobakar Rashid 18 F B Leader of Nesodden AUF. She was said to have dedicated her life to fighting for democracy and against racism. A Muslim from a Kurdish background.

Mona Abdinur 18 F C A Muslim with a Somali background.

Gizem Dogan 17 F B Board member of Trondheim AUF. A Muslim with a Turkish background.

Lejla Selaci 17 F B Leader of Fredrikstad AUF. A Muslim with a Kosovarian background.

AUF members who are politically engaged are considered category B traitors as was clarified by Anders Breivik dur-ing the trial.

Name Age Gen-der Cate-gory Notes

Henrik André Pedersen 27 M B Leader of Porsanger AUF. In sixth place on the Porsanger Labor Party list for the municipal elec-tions.

Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg 28 M B Active in Labour Sula.

Gunnar Linaker 23 M B Board member of Troms County AUF.

Tamta Lipartelliani 23 F B Board member of the international committee of the Young Socialists of Georgia. Georgian citizen.

Diderik Aamodt Olsen 19 M B Deputy leader of Nesodden AUF.

Lene Maria Bergum 19 F B Board member of Trondheim AUF. Aspiring journalist.

Andreas Edvardsen 18 M B Board member of Sarpsborg AUF. In thirty-third place on the Sarpsborg Labor Party list for the municipal elections.

Henrik Rasmussen 18 M B Board member of Hadsel AUF. In fifteenth place on the Hadsel Labor Party list for the municipal elections.

Simon Sæbø 18 M B Leader of Salang AUF.

Carina Borgund 18 F B Board member of Oslo AUF.

Ingrid Berg Heggelund 18 F B Worked as a volunteer at a refugee reception center in Hillsborough.

Monica Iselin Didriksen 18 F B Didriksen was active in the organization Refugee Norway, combating xenophobia and racism. Utøya crew member.

Tina Sukuvara 18 F B Leader of Vadsø AUF. A Sami (indigenous ethnic group) from the far north of Norway.

Espen Jørgensen 17 M B Leader of Bodø AUF. Board member of Nordland county AUF.

Sondre Furseth Dale 17 M B Leader of Haugesund AUF.

Sondre Kjøren 17 M B Board member of Orkdal AUF.

Syvert Knudsen 17 M B Board member of Mandal AUF.

Torjus Jakobsen Blatt-mann 17 M B Deputy leader of Kristiansand AUF. Son of former political adviser who worked under PM Jens Stoltenberg.

Håkon Ødegaard 17 M B Sat on the supervisory board of Trondheim Labor.

Ronja Søttar Johansen 17 F B Secretary of Vefsn AUF.

Eva Kathinka Lütken 17 F B Board member of Sarpsborg AUF.

Isabel Victoria Green Sogn 17 F B Leader of Stovner AUF.

Silje Merete Fjellbu 17 F B Former leader of East Telemark AUF.

Aleksander Aas Eriksen 16 M B Leader of Stjørdal AUF. Leader of the Trondheim Red Cross youth group, a suicidal humanist movement.

Steinar Jessen 16 M B Board member of Alta AUF.

Andrine hills Espeland 16 F B Andrine was deputy leader in Fredrikstad AUF.

Margrethe Bøyum Kløven 16 F B Deputy leader of Baerum AUF.

Elisabeth Trønnes Lie 16 F B Board member of Halden AUF.

Kevin Daae Berland 15 M B Deputy leader of Askøy AUF.

Karin Elena Holst 15 F B Board member of Rana AUF.

Johannes Buø 14 M B Board member of Svalbard AUF.

AUF members and volunteers are considered category C traitors; this list contains those without known political am-bitions or involvement with the various political boards.

Name Age Gen-der Cate-gory Notes

Trond Berntsen 51 M C Off-duty police officer working as a security guard. His ten year old son`s life was spared by Breivik.

Rune Havdal 43 M C Worked as a security guard on the island of Utøya for the past ten years.

Hanne Balch Fjalestad 43 F C Worked as a first aid assistant.

Porntip Ardam 21 F C An Asian from Thailand. Was active in the Oslo dept of the AUF.

Bendik Rosnæs El-lingsen 18 M C Was an active member of Moss og omegn AUF. He was responsible for environmental policies in AUF Østfold. Worked as an intern at the Justice department.

Even Flugstad Mal-medal 18 M C Worked as a recruiter in Oppland and as the youth leader in the Christian youth group Ynglingen.

Fredrik Lund Schjetne 18 M C Was active in the Eidsvoll dept of the AUF. Worked against the EU and against oil drilling in Norway.

Silje Stamneshagen 18 F C Was active in the Askøy dept of the AUF, with a special interest in climate policy.

Synne Røyneland 18 F C Was active in the Oslo dept of the AUF.

Andreas Dalby Grøn-nesby 17 M C Was active in the Hamar dept of the AUF.

Ida Beathe Rogne 17 F C Was active in the Oppland dept of the AUF. Took part in a European Youth Meeting in Bologna in Italy in 2010.

Maria Maagerø Jo-hannesen 17 F C An AUF member from Notterøy.

Victoria Stenberg 17 F C An AUF member from Åsken.

Thomas Margido Antonsen 16 M C Was active in the Grorud dept of the AUF and in his school board. He spread AP flyers in his home town during elections.

Åsta Sofie Helland Dahl 16 F C Was active in the Vadsø dept of the AUF.

Marianne Sandvik 16 F C Was an active member in the Stavanger dept of the AUF. She had been on a previous AUF campaign.

Eivind Hovden 15 M C Was a member from Tokke, Western Telemark. He had visited parliament earlier in 2011 and was in contact with the city council.

Emil Okkenhaug 15 M C Was an active member of the Levanger dept of the AUF. Had been involved in local politics for a few months. Wanted to be a journalist.

Birgitte Smetbak 15 F C Member of Tønsberg AUF.

Modupe Ellen Awo-yemi 15 F C Was an active member of Drammen AUF. Daughter of the city council politician Lola Awoyemi. An African from Nigeria.

Ruth Benedicte Vatn-dal Nilsen 15 F C Member of Tønsberg AUF. She has been at Utøya several times.

Sharidyn Svebakk-Bøhn 14 F C A Maori from New Zealand. Was a member of Drammen AUF.

Civilians and those with unknown political associations.

Name Age Gen-der Cate-gory Notes

Snorre Haller 30 M D Snorre Haller was a member of the Joint Association Central Youth Committee, and was at Utøya as a representa-tive from the Federation and trade unions.

And as doing such in it, is a violence against all again but in especial to his young victims as a majority that will never be able to develop, play, evolve or like him to enrol in a university course because they were ALL killed by this despicable Norwegian, and now again are attacked by him, by the legal system in that country and until prove in contrary by the right wing government that now rules that country.

This attempt to allow him who has the despicable distinguishing reality of being the single biggest perpetrated of a heinous crime of hatred in Europe since the WWII to start a project of life that in a last analyse will bless us with a new mein kamp this time sanctioned by the Oslo University and prized with the creation of a neo nazi *nationalistic farce of a political party, what’s next ? to rehabilitate vikum quinslig as a national hero ? as long as breivik’s old party the frp (that he left and was not expelled from) is in power after a obtuse and crooked election that purely based on a immigration issue that did put a hoyre and the frp (nazi’s of the future) party and it’s disgusting leader a woman name siv yensen in political prominence and in power after the massacre perpetrated by this monster and in the future a DR…perhaps also Honoris Causa , so after he graduate she can nominate him as a “advisor” to the finance ministry .

I did wrote right after those fraudulent elections a article regarding the reasons why a democratic country has shown its ugly truth and mediocre understanding of the world and of its obligations with it , this is not a first for Norway as in 1973 to 1975 the Brasilian Bishop Don Elder Câmara was nominated but because of the commercial relations between that democracy and the dictatorship of Brasil then that regimen of freedom bowed their pants to be penetrated by a criminal regimen, that would have collapsed if that Bishop with his positions in favour of the poor and considered a “communist” were to be awarded the biggest prize and recognition for his work contrarious to the dictatorial system in place between 1964 and 1998 and was supported by Norway merely for money and profit .

As we all know governments are capable of all sorts of despicable things as demonstrate this attempt to enlightened the existence of this excrement, but as we are aware his new approach to life is not of enlightenment because is and always anything that he do will be shadowed by the coward murderer of all his victims and in especial the young ones killed steady and merciless by him because of their IDEAS and their inherent ability to become a important part of future in the evolution of the country and that was what him and his LEGION OF FOLLOWERS that are so many, succeed in changed the result of the election after the bombs in Oslo and the massacre at the island of Utoia perpetrated by this future DR. and the writer of a neo mein kamp !!!

This as becomes a fact and he goes to develop his strategy again, will silence the screams of his victims one more time and bring back the pain and tears to the loved ones this individual condemned to eternal sorrow ,pain and a feeling of betrayal as now he evolves and continue to defecate his poison throughout Norway and the world as adolf hitler did !!!!


PS: In a more lighter side if that is possible coming with this despicable subject above…on the other hand the “invanderer” here is in Limbo since December of last year waiting for the approval of my request for permanent residence in Norway, even after I have fulfilled all the original requirements for achieve that status on the country I am still not able to travel outside or do anything about the world as is due to lack of social ascension and this is not done as I am waiting some public servant to analyse it ; I would like as long as I do not have on those 7 years (going 8) even a parking ticket and never killed anyone to receive the same opportunities as the assassin breivik : of more stamps, a PlayStation 3 instead of a 2 and adult games of my choosing, a higher education, free housing, free food and a few hundred Krone per week retroactive and until I receive the status quo of residence viewed as I did not killed anyone I Norge!

This is a serious suggestion: or it does not apply because I am in the eyes of the government a “NON” Norwegian which automatically disqualified me to receive benefits and privileges given to a coward mass murderer because he was geographically lucky to be born in Norway!

Alcir de Souza

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