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Artigos-->And the winner is....anders behring breivik!!!!!! -- 23/07/2015 - 05:04 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/Alcir JT. de Souza) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie Outros Textos

And the winner is.......

anders behring breivik !

In the recent national elections for prime minister in norway the victory of greed, xenophobia and an absolute absence of historical memory, rewarded one unbalanced and evil individual and granted voice to his distorted understanding of nationalism and have at the same time silenced the screams for help of his young victims and ignored the tears of their loved ones when the right wing party (hoyre) and the extreme (pseudo) nationalist party (fremskrittspartiet) of witch breivik was affiliated for 10 years and most certainly would be the chosen party of vidkun quinslig if he had escaped the noose, won in an abject and fraudulent coalition with the left(venstre partiet) and the mediocre christian partiet ;this coalition of opposites and incoherencies was perpetrated with the sole purpose of defeating the incumbent AP(Arbeids Partiet) and replacing the successful and worldwide respected statesman Jens Stoltenberg for now with an intellectually dubious erna solberg and by the despicable, fraudulent and grotesque siv jensen who in a historical right wing analogy as adolf hitler have plans and a clear intention of her own rise to power when solberg like Ernst Röhm(who she physically resemble)will be "disposed of" in a revisited saga of treason, mediocrity and manipulation sponsored by the obtuse voting majority of the norwegian society that elected those right wing excrescences in detriment of a successful line of taught that did keep (then) Norway safe and sound throughout the economic crises of 2008 that did damaged the European Union and for that matter the entire world and was caused by the same right wing individuals emulated by solberg, jensen, quinslig and in a final analyses by breivik himself.

I do live in norway and become very uncomfortable after the results of an election that did polarized only over the immigration issue and the integration of other nationalities and religions and put aside all the economic successes and social evolution generated by the then socialist government of the Arbeids Partie and its representatives lead by Jens Stoltenberg, this unfortunate result was capable to show me that a majority of norwegians are not able to grasp or deserve such accomplishments and vanguards victories, concentrating only in the abject views that norway should be for norwegians only(it reads just like breivik`s ideals and manifests)while the rest of us should pack our things and go back to our dumps of origin while the arians enjoy the spoils plundered from our countries in shady deals with the same right wing governments as norway is today ;as a brasilian i see as the bauxite and the aracruz celulose(the scum bag lorentzen)are stolen and imposed to us as a clear examples of the intentions of such government for the future of relations between norway and third world countries ;it is a shame but not a surprise that a group with access to high levels of education have fallen victims of a concept that did killed more the 100 million people in WWII and only brought to the whole planet pain and destruction ;but it is not a surprise due to germany have also fallen victim of such inhumane and disgraceful control ;with the clear and defining difference that then Germany was bankrupt after WWI wile norway is today among the richest most successful countries in the world and did so merely for greed, stupidity and total lack of historical memory of its citizens due to the fact that when Norway was a poor country (poorer then Spain) one third of its population become also “economical invanderes” in someone else’s countries.

This farce government is a creation of various intellectually limited views and a sham as it was conceived by the union of absolute unacceptable opposites with only two intents: to make the rich richer and blame all the problems of the country in the foreigners (invanderers) formulated as a concept by nullity`s such as breivik, adolf, jensen, röhm, solberg, quinslig and all the right wing people of this norway that are stupid, greedy or insanely psychotic like them.

Alcir Jose Trigo de Souza&

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