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Artigos-->A Letter to The Norwegians and Their Government ! -- 24/09/2008 - 09:22 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/Alcir JT. de Souza) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie Outros Textos

Strandvik : 24/09/2008

I come through this letter with a attempt to enlightened the Norwegian people and the government of my adopted and loved country about a mistake of grave proportions that is about to be made and its future consequences for the relations between this nation and the country were I was born and have left for ethical reasons and due to its lack of it that I did compensated and found in the Norsk society and its representatives in the actual government:

It is a serious mistake to give money to the brasilian government in order to save the Amazon Jungle and it is also a greater mistake to consider the Aracruz Celulose and it’s CEO(?) Mr. Lorentzen as a standard for practices and a true representative of the honorable people of Norway, the actions of that company and of this gentleman and his associates in the cellulose enterprise against the environment, the indigenous people and the communities of free slaves(quilombolas) do speak for themselves and the sound is not the one expected of a country that prides itself for fairness environment respect and the tradition of a man like Thor Heyerdahl; quite the opposite is the reality of what has being done against the Atlantic Forest in the states of Espirito Santo and Bahia in the name of profit and disrespect for the native inhabitants and the universal law of common cense.

The company has through the years destroyed what was left in the Atlantic Forest and replacing the stable and coherent environment with a alien and water sucking Eucalyptus going against all the views of scientists, environmentalists and concerned individuals with the consequences of this greed full and irresponsible behavior that has also coasted the live hood and the physical existence of whoever has spoken against the intentions of this group of environment pirates, bribery to officials and murderer are the standard behaviors in order to obtain the land, the complicity and the silence about the ominous crime committed by this company.

I could not be silent and allow myself to be blind in the face of the farce that has being presented with a nice package to the Norwegian people, a immoral and despicable lie is wrapped in a pretty lace and shown to the honorable tax payers in order to benefit people that have no moral standards or a minimum of ethics in their everyday business practices.

Again I do warned the government of The Kingdom of Norway and it’s people about the high levels of corruption that do prevail among brasilian officials and institutions it is something that will make the loaned money to end up in private accounts as happened before in all occasions when other countries try to offer help to brasilian society through it venal governments: just ask the Japanese Government what was done with the U$ 996.000.000,00 for the end of pollution of the Guanabara Bay!

To Mr. Stoltenberg and all the people in Norway that I do respect and consider as examples in all aspects for the world, my idols as a child come from this country ; The Vikings for their maritime abilities’ and courage facing the unknown, Roald Amundsen for the same reasons plus his knowledge of logistics and ergonomic and my intellectual mentor Mr. Thor Heyerdahl for all of the above and his vision and concern for better human relations in search of knowledge and understanding among ourselves and for a less polluted world in all aspects; planetary and individual.

I do sincerely apologize for taken your time with this concerns and with the bluntness of my affirmations; and in doing so I do attempt to contributed with the clarification of the misconceptions about the Aracruz Celulose, the individual that misrepresent Norway in the brasilian eyes and in especial to make sure that every ore that is given to Brasil is followed and kept track of it in order to avoided generating illicit enrichment(more) and as it truly will find a way to develop a conscience about environment in the brasilians, enrich the self-knowledge within the society and its future generations and especially follows a tradition in Norsk correction and generosity that do distance this great country of the pirates and colonizers that with their misbehaviors and greed transformed Brasil in this farce pale face and embarrassing attempt of a society .


Alcir Jose Trigo de Souza

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