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Artigos-->To Whom Will be Concerned ! -- 26/05/2008 - 14:11 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/Alcir JT. de Souza) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie Outros Textos
To Whom Will be Concerned !

My name is Alcir J. T. de Souza I am a brasilian citizen and I do now for the reasons I will explain on this writing leave in a country in Europe as a legal resident due to be married to a born citizen of the country in question; I am a dissident of the brasilian society and in especial of its past, a critical of it and a threatened man for it, I do have my writings published in a internet site ( Autores…AAAAAAAAAAAAA/Alcir Souza and in a new one aaaaaaaaaa/Alcir Souza due to censorship on the first one) and in them I do criticizes and denounce acts against the common cense and to the future of brasilian society and also my views of the world and its conflicts and the analogies with the people of my country of birth; and due to my responsibilities with them(I do have a ten years old daughter that unfortunately lives in there)I decided recently to participate of a on line debate promoted by a brasilian newspaper O Globo were i did read the most scary and preposterous views and opinions about the destiny of the brasilian indigenous citizens and the participation of the military’s in the return to the process of genocide that was perpetrated against those nations during the criminal dictatorship days that did destroyed Brasil’s future and tortured and killed citizens between 1964 and 1989 and now again show its claws under the false pretense of national security.

The brasilian minister of environment Marina Silva was morally ousted due to her knowledge of the ways of the military in the Amazon basin that as a resident she saw at first hand; the assassinate of leaders like Chico Mendes and other involved in the protection of the forest and its inhabitants and the killings perpetrated against indigenous nations were enough for her to leave a government that due to its involvement and cowardly ways will allow the perpetration of other massacres as “the” Massacre do Paralelo 11 when Cintas - Largas were killed and severed in the middle while tied in between two trees; woman and children included and also the genocidal acts of throwing dynamite, arsenic, infected blankets to those inhabitants that were in their ways of acquiring the riches that lies on indigenous land; there is a plan of the military and their supporters to return Brasil to a military and censored state always disguised as a democratic society with the fake passing of the power and leadership among their pears as they did in their previous ruling of the country.

The reason that I did decided to write my participations was because I did noticed that in the news the military commander of the Amazon was in the same time as the rice planters complaining about the extension of the reservation Raposa Serra do Sol for the first group the problem was the presence of foreigners in the boarders and the continues extension of the area was a risk to brasilian sovereignty(as if those two words fitted in the same phrase) and the second group the agro criminals rice planters were also with the same worries and both groups had the same purpose as I do see witch is of the once again remove the natives in order to profit from the extraction of all the riches in that area for personal gain; and also the way that the general expresses his taught without the list respect for the chain of command that exposes to ridicule the president elected and his hierarchal superior and in doing so he did in between the lines signaled for the other ones of his gang that was free for all and they should take charge of the situation and perhaps take the country again into their command and criminal leadership.

I sincerely do hope that I am wrong in my considerations but the previous brasilian experiences with democracy and free elections tell me otherwise; that’s why besides writing constantly about the farces of brasilian society I do attempt now to bring this conjectures to the eyes of your prestigious organization, and in doing so I do expect that bringing it to the world a massacre like the previous ones in Brasil and as a relation of witch happened in Ruanda in 1994 the world do not sit still wile people are killed and genocides are committed.

Alcir de Souza
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