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Contos-->Overdose and (last trip) (conto traduzido para o Inglês) -- 08/10/2011 - 07:03 (CARLOS CUNHA / o poeta sem limites) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Envie Outros Textos

Jon Bon Jov / Love Hurts

A Boa Leitura Brasileira Abraçando o Mundo

Texto e Produção Visual de CARLOS CUNHA

o “Poeta sem limites”

O melhor em Literatura Licenciosa, Crônicas, Contos & Infantis

Overdose and (last trip)

From time to time he would spend hours in that place to taste the sweet contact with the absolute solitude there that could.
Whenever he could find a loophole in their commitments to achieve these moments as necessary for your inner peace.
That was an area of difficult access, being a laborious and time consuming for him to reach the walk. Only when his spirit came here freely.
At all times, that there had been only found in one person. Some young people who were there a few days camped in their tents at the lake.
When he returned, and never found anyone he had this corner of paradise on earth as a place of refuge for your soul.
That day he arrived very early. Down the first train that woke the little town, more nearby, with the shrill squeak caused by the friction caused by their huge wheels with steel rails and began to walk along the railway line enjoyed the singing of the birds that sounded to him like a hymn of praise to the day he was born.
In addition to this path by the railway line, had to beat a path full of obstacles, advancing into the forest to get there.
When it was pulled fatigue acquired in the grueling hike that fezera, entering below the icy waters and crystal clear tumbled bold and furious, taking a refreshing bath in the waterfall.
After the shower rose in a huge stone that was in the lake, and sat down on a towel to spread it. He picked up his bag and pulled out the mushrooms he found in a pasture that crossed the road there, and began to chew them, savoring the taste of that divine soul food.
He chews slowly, her mouth that bitter, sweet was a ritual that preceded the opening of a door by which the astral plane would enter his mind. His journey began there.

Soon after his soul, a few feet away from him, looked delighted that body sitting on the stone. He knew that those bright eyes and meditative he saw, was the entrance and exit of their habitat.
At that moment an angel in the form of the most beautiful woman conceived by God, that scene looked.
He was half-hidden by the strong stream of water from the waterfall, which reached and caressed her naked body.
Two heavy tears fell from your eyes, and blurred with water trickling down his face as he extended his arms toward that soul and said:

- Come with me, do not be afraid. I separate them, but only you can follow me to the place where we go.

Hand in hand, that soul and angel in the form of a beautiful woman came to pick her up, rose slowly and gradually became confused with the immensity of the place that involved.

Days later a body was found on the great stone, which was beside the lake where the water fall waterfall. The person had been found an overdose.
It was noted that what led to his death was the excessive amount of acid psilocybin in hallucinogenic mushrooms they had eaten it.

Conto traduzido para o Inglês, clique aqui e leia em Português

Abraçando o mundo com os textos ardentes cheios de poesia e repletos

de humor/erótico, das crônicas e dos contos picantes do “Poeta sem Limites”

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The doubts of the largest "eater ass" of the college

Las dudas de los más grandes "culo come" de la universidad

Les doutes des plus grandes "ass eater" du collège

I dubbi dei più grandi "culo eater" del collegio

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Daughter "metelona" el pastor de la iglesia

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The whores are also capable of loving (licentious tale)

Les putes sont aussi capables d`aimer (histoire érotique)

Las putas son también capaces de amar

A banhista solitária

A solitary sunbather (holding allowances)

Enfia essa porra no meu cu, é assim que eu gosto!

Shove that shit up my ass, that`s how I like it!

Manhã de domingo de uma mulher mal amada

Sunday morning of an unloved wife ( licentious tale )

Dimanche matin, un mal aimé une femme

Domingo por la mañana una mujer sin amor

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Domenica mattina una donna non amata

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”Girls Night” (the time of the owl)

“Meninas da noite" (e assim todo mundo goza)

"Girls Night" (so everyone enjoys)

"Meninas da noite" (vinho & sexo, um grande remédio...)

"Girls Night" (wine & sex, a great remedy for the pain of soul)

“Meninas da noite" (estupro na cadeia feminina)

"Girls Night" (rape in jail female)

Nada é tão gostoso como um “pinto de verdade”!

Nothing is as tasty as a "real cock"! (licentious tale)

Rien n`est aussi savoureux comme une "bite

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Nunca diga que “desta água eu não bebo”

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Ser enrabada é a coisa mais gostosa da vida!

Being ass fucking is the hottest thing in life!

Troca de casais


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An online dating is nothing innocent

Una de citas online no es nada inocente

“Uma pica” pra Carminha é só diversão

Carminha "a dick" is fun (licentious tale)

Uma “pica” pra mim é pouco

Playing with a bunch of pricks, that`s what good is it!

Viúva endinheirada, ainda moça e muito gostosa

Viua wealthy, still young and very tasty!

Rica viuda, todavía joven y muy sabrosa!

Originais de CARLOS CUNHA/o Poeta sem limites: Português do Brasil

Traduções: InglêsFrancêsItalianoEspanholJaponês

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O melhor da Literatura Licenciosa, as imagens e vídeos de nitidez total, as notícias e novidades do dia e muita diversão você encontra sempre nas páginas do “Poeta sem Limites"

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