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Poesias-->A bridge to hell -- 27/06/2005 - 11:20 (Lorde Kalidus) Siga o Autor Destaque este autor Destaque este Texto Envie Outros Textos
I ve been taught how to follow the Lamb

and let His blood soak my clothes

but the adversary rushes to get closer

to once more get me in the palm of his hand

I wander among the blind and dead

who can t tell Heaven and hell apart

and like them, as soon as the day starts

all my spiritual disease get ahead

Though I ve been instructed not to be

so far I couldn t stop being myself

turning my heart into a bridge to hell

Then I remember the Lamb and His words

which described the cross I should take

or join those who rebelled and fell

"Though shalt not kill", I heard from His mouth

and day after day I run over the Scriptures

but fall through in not murdering them

As a black angel laughs, I get own on my knees

fo these memories come up with regret

because I ve walked beside the damned.

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